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Special Education Services

Titusville Area School District has met or exceeded all LRE areas reported, and has also met AYP for attendance, graduation, academic performance and PSSA participation. Titusville Area School District's special education teachers and paraprofessionals meet the highly qualified (HQ) criteria.

Titusville Area School District works collaboratively with Riverview Intermediate Unit (IU6), Pattan, Edinboro University, Clarion University, and the Gertrude A. Barber Center to provide trainings and in-service activities to both the regular education and special education staff.

There is a high percentage of parent participation in annual and review IEP meetings. The Titusville Area School District and IU6 offer informational meetings to The Titusville Area School District parents through brochures, and/or announcements in the newspapers about meetings and the IU6 has a parent mentoring program available to all parents of children with special needs.

Identifying Students with Learning Disabilities


Titusville Area School District offers a district-wide screening process for all children, focusing on 4-6 year old children entering school, during registration for the pre-school and Kindergarten program to identify any students who may be in need of special services. Students transitioning from Head Start and IU Early Intervention programs into District operated programs already identified as needing special services, continue to receive appropriate services, as determined by the IEP team.

Referrals made by teacher and/or parent(s), beginning in Kindergarten and extending through grade 12 are used as a means to refer students for a multi-disciplinary evaluation to determine needs for special education services. District-wide achievement test scores at various grade levels are reviewed annually by building administrator(s) and the psychologist to determine which students may be in need of special services. The Titusville Area School District uses both a significant discrepancy model and Response to Intervention (RTI) model to identify students.

Transfer student records are reviewed upon registration. Parents are asked if the student received any kind of special education services at the previous school. Complete educational records are requested from the sending school district and upon receipt reviewed. Officials from the sending school district are personally contacted to discuss student needs and services.

Printed materials are available in each building which instructs parents on how to request a multi-disciplinary evaluation. Annual announcements to parents on how to obtain assistance if they feel their child is in need of special service are printed in the district-wide school newspaper "School Matters," which is distributed to all tax payers. Information guides parents through the process of how to request an evaluation for their child. The District's student and parent handbooks contain information for parents who feel their child may have special needs, including how to request an evaluation.

Regardless of how the child is referred for evaluation all regulations, procedures, and time lines are followed by the District as outlined by federal and state law from initiation through completion of the multi-disciplinary evaluation.

Program Director
Michael McGaughey
Special Education Director
Titusville School District
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Titusville, PA 16354
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