PA Core Standards
Parent Resources to Common Core Standards
The Council of the Great City Schools' parent roadmaps in English Language Arts and Mathematics provide guidance to parents about what their children will be learning and how they can support that learning in grades K-8. These parent roadmaps for each grade level also provide three-year snapshots showing how selected standards progress from year to year so that students will be college and career ready upon their graduation from high school. 
TASD Curriculum and Instruction

The needs of all students of the Titusville Area School District are addressed by the administrators, guidance counselors, department chairpersons, and individual teachers participating in an annual review of curricula.  They then make recommendations to the School Board of  Directors for changes and additions to course offerings.  Each grade level has a specific role in fostering the educational process. 

Early Childhood Curriculum

The Early Childhood Learning Center, constructed in 1991, houses the district’s pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students.  Beginning with the 2004-2005 school year, the district made an even greater commitment to early childhood education by offering full day kindergarten.  Although the same curriculum is taught, teachers have more time to incorporate activities. Additionally, the program has been enhanced by the Action Based Learning Lab program in Physical Education.  Learning in full day kindergarten is tied to kinesthetic motion.  These changes have been funded primarily through the Pennsylvania Department of Education Accountability Grant.

Elementary Curriculum

The elementary schools are committed to fostering the basic skills of communication through a balanced literacy program that includes phonics as well as reading and writing instruction.  Instructors and administrators have implemented measures that promote improved performance in reading, writing and math.  Such measures include the use of technology, such as Smart Boards, the introduction of math manipulatives, and the formation of reading and math clubs and summer programs, such as Partners Achieving Learning Success (PALS) Club.  Supplemental reading instruction is provided through the Title I Program and subsidized with Federal dollars.

Middle Level Curriculum

Another goal of the District is to provide a developmentally responsive middle level school which provides a curriculum that is challenging, integrated and exploratory.  There are three significant components of a middle level curriculum.  First, it enables students to discover their abilities, talents, interests, values and preferences.  This self-knowledge helps students prepare for adult life, not only in terms of vocation, but also as family members and citizens (NMSA, 1998).  Second, all courses and activities are taught in a way that reveals opportunities for making contributions to society.  Finally, experiences acquaint students with enriching, healthy, leisure-time pursuits.

High School Curriculum

Titusville High School has been accredited by the Middle States Association for more than 75 years and maintains an academic standing comparable to many larger schools in Pennsylvania.  Students in the senior high school may elect to follow an academic, arts, business education or vocational-technical curriculum.  Students choosing four years of college preparatory study, frequently acknowledge that their teachers prepare them well to compete academically at the college level.  Business education students acquire proficient office and machine skills throughout their experience, which allows many of these students to be placed in cooperative job settings.  Vocational students may choose to enhance their vocational education at the Venango Technology Center located in Oil City.  For those who prefer to stay at the high school, career-based curricula in Art, Computer Programming, Family and Consumer Sciences and Technical Education are also available.  The administration and staff have developed a transition program for incoming ninth graders to ease the challenges of moving from the middle school to the high school.  Integration of the various curricular areas has also been a focus.  The schedule is designed to accommodate the integration of English and social studies on several levels, as well as advanced math, physics and technology education.  Computers and other types of technology are available across the curriculum for students.

Secondary Curriculum Overviews
Elementary Curriculum Overviews
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