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District Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive planning is a thoughtful, ongoing process that involves multiple stakeholders and seeks to clearly define the mission, vision, and shared values of the Local Educational Agency (LEA) as well as establish realistic goals consistent with those principles, and develop a plan of action based on the organization’s capacity for implementation. 

The process of planning can also produce a number of corollary benefits, including increased communication and teamwork as well as efficiency and effectiveness. 


The Strategic Plan Steering Committee comprised of community, parent, student, and district representatives developed our current mission and vision statements, and the goals which continue to guide the work of the District. Each building level committee will review and revise their action plans to remain in compliance with PDE's Comprehensive Plan expectations, as well as, to inform the strategic work of the District.
District Beliefs
  • Students develop at different rates and have varying learning styles
  • Students are responsible and accountable for their own choices and actions
  • Effective education develops the whole person – intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically
  • Teachers/employees serve as positive role models
  • Teachers should set high expectations for student learning and achievement
  • Effective communication and regular, consistent feedback are expected from all involved in the school district
  • Administrators are responsible for maintaining a safe, orderly and healthy environment for learning
  • Community members recognize the school district as a valuable community asset

District Goals

Educational Collaboration & Innovation

Provide for and expect collaboration and innovation in a quality staff, faculty and administration. We will continue to develop processes that promote collaboration,     innovation, excellence, and creativity in all student, faculty, staff, and administrative activities. 

Facilities & Technologies for Learning

Provide facilities and technologies that enhance learning. We will continue to acquire and integrate technologies that enhance teaching, learning, and operations district-wide. We will continue to provide facilities that effectively adapt to and function in the delivery of multi-dimensional programs and services.

Human, Physical & Financial Resource Management

Continuously improve our systems for effective stewardship, allocation and management of human, financial and physical resources.  We will continue to provide, develop and use human resources to support an effective and future oriented educational program.  We will continue to deliver a financial management system that incorporates long-range financial planning, alternative sources of revenue and clear accountability.

Safe, Healthy & Nurturing Environment

Provide a safe, secure, nurturing, and healthy environment that supports the changing needs of our student population. We will continue to nurture learning environments that foster shared responsibility, personal relationships, and mutual respect among students, parents, staff, faculty, administration, school board members, and community.

School-Community Partnerships & Communication


Build, strengthen, and maintain partnerships, emphasizing the shared responsibility of the school and the community for the success of our students.  We will strengthen communications with our communities and develop partnerships that support the educational process.
Student Focused Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

Design and implement future oriented curriculum, instruction, and assessment so that each student will graduate with the knowledge and skills to thrive in a multi-dimensional, global and technological society. We will continue to create and provide learning experiences, program options, and support services that motivate and enable each student to achieve performance expectations.

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