District Strategic Plan
Strategic Planning Process

The District completed its District Strategic Plan in 2008. 

Strategic planning is a thoughtful, ongoing process that involves multiple stakeholders and seeks to –

- clearly define the mission, vision, and shared values of the LEA,
- establish realistic goals consistent with those principles, and
- develop a plan of action based on the organization’s capacity for implementation. 

The process of planning can also produce a number of corollary benefits, including increased communication and teamwork as well as efficiencies and effectiveness. 

To facilitate these sound strategic planning practices in local education agencies across Pennsylvania, the Department developed the eStrategic Planning process.

eStrategic Planning

Although the eStrategic Planner is a web-based strategic planning tool, the eSP process includes a number of important 'off-line' activities – such as the development of core statements which define the LEA (mission, vision, shared values, etc.) and coordination activities between the sub-committees (which are often affiliated with a specific program area or plan report) and the planning committee (which is tasked with ensuring that the program-specific planning align with and support the global aspects of the local strategic plan).  For more information on planning activities (including suggested timelines, committee members, and sample meeting agendas), select (Strategic Planning) Resources under the LEA Planners sub-community.

The 'on-line' eSP process facilitates further coordination of resources and results.  Much of the information entered into the global planning areas of the eStrategic Planner pre-populates various program-specific plan reports that are submitted to the state. This sharing of data assists sub-committee members in leveraging resources across program areas and ensures that they are working toward common goals; it also assists planning committee members to easily identify and rectify gaps and redundancies.  To see what data pre-populates which plan reports, select (Reporting) Resources under the LEA Planners sub-community.

eSP fosters timely plan management, as well.  In the past, strategic planning was often long-range planning and only occurred during the year prior to a plan report due date.  However, once established, a true strategic plan should be monitored continuously and re-evaluated frequently.  And, as needs and assets emerge, the dynamic nature of eStrategic Planning allows LEA to adjust accordingly.  For more information on plan management in eSP (including data analysis, monitoring, and evalution), select (Strategic Planning) Resources under the LEA Planners sub-community.

2008 Strategic Plan Reports
2011 Strategic Plan Draft Reports

Mid-Point Review Draft
A draft of the TASD 2011 Strategic Plan Academic Standards and Assessment Mid-Point Review
Educational Technology Report
A draft of the 2011 Educational Tech Report
Professional Education Report
A draft of the 2011 Professional Education Report
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