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...Trigg Co. ACT scores beat state average, as score by juniors saw a bigger increase than senior scores

Cadiz Record, Aug.29, 2012

Trigg 2011-12 ACT scores released

Trigg County Public Schools have received the ACT reports for the Junior and Senior classes of the 2011-12 school year.

The average composite ACT scores for Trigg County High School Juniors was 19.1 an increase of 0.7 from the 2011 composite score of 18.4 points.  The state composite ACT score increased by 0.2 points to 19.0.

For Trigg County High School, the number of Juniors tested on the ACT was 150 students.  Beginning in March of 2008, every junior in Kentucky was required to take the ACT Assessment and the scores of all students in the graduating class are included.

The students in the senior class had an average composite ACT score of 19.1 which was a slight increase from 19.0 in 2011.

The overall ACT Assessment consists of tests in four areas:  English, mathematics, reading and science reasoning.

In examining the results by gender, the female students consistently out-performed the males in all areas.  African-American students’ average composite score was 16.6 which is 3 points lower than all students’ average composite score.

Trigg County High School had increase in the average score in the areas of English, Mathematics, and the composite scores from the graduating class of 2011.

Trigg County Public Schools are proud of the improvements in the junior class performance on the ACT and the hard work by the students and staff to make these gains.  Trigg County High School will use this data in making appropriate instructional changes to assist students in preparing for their next step in life.

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