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The Titusville High School is a community partnership working to meet the diverse needs of our students. It is our mission to ensure that our students reach their full potential as responsible and productive citizens of the 21st century.
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PMEA PMEA All-State Festival

On Wednesday April 18th, Tim Kregiel (left) and Austin Gray (right) departed for the PMEA All-State Festival. Both students have been working on their music since mid-March to prepare for this experience. Tim was in the Concert Band where he played both the Alto Saxophone and the Soprano Saxophone. Austin was in the Wind Ensemble, where he was 1st chair in the Euphonium section. Both ensembles rehearsed for two days, and finished with a performance on Saturday. This was a culmination of PMEA festivals that began all the way back in October of this school year. Both students had memorable performances and this was an experience they will never forget!  

Toga, Toga, Toga "Toga, Toga, Toga"
Titusville High School’s Junior and Senior classes present Toga! Toga! Toga! by Tim Kelly George Brewster (Gavin Los), a slightly disorganized student at Kennel High, inherits a ramshackle house with corgi pups in the garage, ducks in the attic, old cars on the lawn… and an army of hostile neighbors. George turns the place into an unauthorized fraternity house, which is quickly named “The Zoo” by the wildly enthusiastic students. Some girls help “renovate” the old house and decide to turn the den into a discotheque! To meet his heavy expenses, George rents rooms to an assortment of eccentrics: a phony gypsy, Madame Stella (Leah Endres), who predicts the past, a boxer (Luciano DeRose) whose sparring partner is a kangaroo, and a shopping bag lady (Grace Proper) who counterfeits $5 bills in the basement! When the girls unwittingly pass the bills in the school cafeteria, the roof “falls in!” Miss Butterworth (Christine Sonnenberg), the duped “advisor,” is a nervous wreck. The principal, Miss Woebegone (Kate Dougherty), falls off a stretcher after coming face to face with “The Shampooed Marvel,” and everything explodes at a wild nostalgia party held in memory of the Toga craze of the 1970’s. Show dates are Thursday April 26th and Friday April 27th at 7:30 PM. Tickets are $5 at the door of Colestock Auditorium and benefit the Senior Class.   
Mrs. McHenry Mrs. McHenry Goes to California
My adventure all started with an e-mail from the local Navy recruiter inviting me to go to San Diego with other educators from Pennsylvania to attend an Educators Orientation. An all-expense paid trip to warm, sunny San Diego in March to learn more about the career opportunities my students could have in the Navy?   Let me think about it… YES!!!! As a senior high counselor, I always speak to students about their career aspirations.    
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