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Located outside of Titusville, approximately six miles north of the city, and in an area on the opposite side of the District from Pleasantville Elementary School, Hydetown Elementary School also has a long history and holds an important role in its community. Elementary education in the Hydetown area was formalized in 1838 with the building of the first Hydetown Elementary School.  Later the school housed students in grades one through eleven with the seniors traveling into Titusville for their final year of school.  

In 1956, a new school was built and the local community boasted about their new school that had 14 spacious and well-lit classrooms, gymnasium/cafeteria and a multi purpose area.  The school remained essentially unchanged until 2001. At that time, a thorough renovation was completed that included a new main office, conference room, nurse’s office, a combined art and music room, a spacious library and an expansive cafeteria.  In addition to the new construction, each of the classrooms in the building were renovated and new spaces were created for the instruction of students with special needs, Speech, Title I, and tutoring.  Though initially thought to be very spacious, the building is now extremely crowded due to the addition of some new programs and the closing of one of the Titusville School District’s elementary schools.  Enrollment at the school is now remaining rather constant at approximately 225 students with a racial and ethnic makeup similar to the other elementary schools in the TitusvilleSchool District. 

Student citizenship is extremely important at HydetownElementary School. Each quarter of the school year, the staff holds a school assembly to recognize students who have exhibited positive character traits. The program is called “CARE,” an acronym for Character, Attitude, Responsibility and Excellence.  Additionally, fifth grade students may qualify for the National Association of Elementary School Principal’s Good Citizenship Awards that are presented in May at the school’s fifth grade banquet.
Adjoining the school’s playground area is a nature area that was developed by teachers, students and parents in the 1980s. The nature area provides an ideal environment for outdoor education in the early fall and late spring.  Most recently, more than 1,000 flower bulbs were planted as part of a school-wide program to increase the beauty of the grounds surrounding the school.
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