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Schools To Watch

On Sunday, February 22nd, 2015 the Titusville Middle School was honored again with the Don Eichhorn Schools: Schools to Watch award.  This award is given to those who meet the criteria for high performance. The characteristics of all high-performing middle grades schools:

They are academically excellent—these schools challenge all students to use their minds well.

They are
developmentally responsive—these schools are sensitive to the unique developmental challenges of early adolescence.

They are socially equitable—these schools are democratic and fair, providing every student with high-quality teachers, resources, and supports.

They have organizational structures — these schools establish norms, structures, and organizational arrangements to support and sustain their trajectory toward excellence.

TMS scored high in each one of these areas and continues to meet the challenges.   Students, faculty and staff work together to accomplish great things.

Check out how TMS scored in each of the four criteria areas.
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