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Rocket Student Credit Union
 The ONE Federal Credit Union in association with Titusville High School reaches out to students and staff to satisfy their financial needs and desires in order to better understand money management along with building responsibility, organization, and efficient skills to understanding the world of finances and a Credit Union, which will create a respect and appreciation for money in the future.   
In-School Credit Union Branch

The very first credit union student branch in Crawford County has been established at Titusville High School. The office officially opened in September, 2011.   

The ONE Federal Credit Union has opened a student run branch in Titusville High School where students can open savings accounts, checking accounts, as well as take advantage of many other services offered by credit unions, including low interest loans. Opening an account can teach students personal finance skills and money management that will be necessary for their financial future. It will also help students make better informed decisions when it comes to their finances. Educating students is priority.

To become a member, students 16 and under should bring:

Students 18 and older should bring:

The ONE Federal Credit Union would like to stress that the initial deposit is NOT a fee. It is your share in the Credit Union, as members are owners of the institution.

This year’s student volunteers are Jack Elan, Darcy Christy, Blake Christy, Heather Terrill, and Jade  Wilson.

The Credit Union branch is open every Wednesday and Friday during A and B Lunches at Titusville Senior High School.  
Rachael Willey
Student Credit Union Coordinator
814.336.2794 ext:242
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