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School Board Recognition Month - January

January is School Director Recognition Month, a recognition that honors members of local boards of education for their commitment to provide quality public education for Pennsylvania’s school children.

School directors generously contribute their time and talents toward the advancement of public education.  They establish policies that provide the framework for our public schools.  They represent their communities and attend meetings, conferences and training to learn and understand public education.

These dedicated volunteers reside in our community.  They are our friends, neighbors, community leaders, parents, and engaged senior citizens.  Although communities make a special effort to show appreciation to school directors in January, their contribution is a year-round commitment, and deep appreciation is extended to them always.

Take this opportunity to help acknowledge thousands of public servants who make the time to share their vision and voice about the future of Pennsylvania children.

Titusville Area School District Board of Directors:

James E. Come

Lynn J. Cressman

Charlene A. Eggleston

Kevin J. O’Neill, President

Jack D. Roberts, Vice President

James Y. Roeder, Treasurer

Carol J. Shaffer

Richard E. Skinner, Jr., Secretary

Jean M. Spence

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