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Questions about Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

In order to facilitate communication and answer your questions regarding the COVID-19 school closure, we have established an email address that can be used to submit questions.  We will be happy to answer your questions as best we can with the information we are being given from the federal government, the PA  Governor’s Office, PA Emergency Management Agency,  PA Department of Education and the PA Department of Health.  The email address is [email protected].

We also want to remind parents of the daily food pick up.  The location is in the back bus loop of Titusville Middle School.  Pick up is from 11:00 – 12:30 each day.  Students must be present at the pickup site.

We also know that the national health emergency of the COVID-19 virus can make children anxious.  Below are some guidelines for talking with your child regarding this health situation:

= Remain calm and reassuring.

= Make yourself available to talk over their concerns.

= Avoid excessive blaming.

= Monitor television viewing and social media.

= Be honest and accurate.

= Review and model basic hygiene and health lifestyle practices for protection.

Additional information for parents is available on the PA Department of Health website, health.pa.gov.

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