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New Future Ready PA Index Shows Positive Student Achievement, Attendance & Career Readinessin the Titusville Area School District

– Pennsylvania’s new school evaluation tool, the Future Ready PA Index, shows students in the Titusville Area School District are attending school regularly as well as exceeding the state standards for career readiness.

The Future Ready PA Index measures college and career readiness, such as industry-based learning and access to rigorous courses of study, student academic improvement, and growth on a variety of indicators – reducing the reliance on standardized test scores as the sole measurement of a school’s success.  

“Our students are more than standardized test scores,” Superintendent Jez said. “The Future Ready PA Index provides the community with a more holistic picture of our schools’ performance beyond test scores with a transparent and easy to use tool.”

As the tool was being developed, educators, parents, and community members from across the state, provided input to the Pennsylvania Department of Education on the measurements and evaluation indicators that should be considered for the Future Ready PA Index.

The Future Ready PA Index provides insight into the dynamic work taking place in Titusville’s schools. 

=         At Titusville High School, the students are meeting the state expectations for Keystone ELA and Math achievement as well as meeting or exceeding the state expectations for annual growth (PVAAS) in ELA and Math.  We are extremely proud of our 4 year cohort graduation rate of 92.8% in comparison to the state average of 86.6%.  95.1% of our high school students are demonstrating career readiness by completing their career portfolios which is newly incorporated for school districts.  The high school continues to be successful in offering our students industry-based opportunities 42.7% as compared to the state average of 23.8%.  Lastly, our THS faculty has developed rigorous courses to challenge our learners (AP courses, College in the Classroom and CTE programming).  THS scored 62.5% as compared to the state average of 49.2%.  The high school will continue to work to meet the science expectations as well as attendance benchmarks.

=         At all three elementary buildings as well as the Titusville Middle School, our students are attending school regularly, thus meeting or exceeding the state benchmark and above the state average of 85.4%.  With the newly implemented College and Career Readiness benchmarks at grades 5 and 8, 100% of our elementary students have met the 5th grade benchmark while 98% of the middle school students have met the 8th grade benchmark.  At the elementary level, we are seeing positive trends in PSSA achievement in ELA, Math and Science.  In addition, our elementary students are performing at the advanced level on the PSSA at a greater percentage than the state average.  The three elementary schools as well as the middle school will continue to conduct root-cause analysis to determine specific areas of concern and develop action plans to address these key areas.

To learn more about the Future Ready PA Index or to view Titusville Area School District’s schools’ indicator dashboard, visit www.futurereadypa.org. 

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