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Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association Award

Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association’s (PSMLA)
Exemplary Program Awards

   In honor of the national “2005 Year of Language”, PSMLA began showcasing Exemplary PA high school foreign language Programs (PEP). All PA high schools are encouraged to SHOWCASE their exemplary programs.

   To participate, high schools must submit documented evidence that they meet the rigorous criteria established by PSMLA. A rubric was provided to serve as a blueprint to assist schools by helping them to evaluate their world language programs and by providing concrete goals for improvement as needed. Examples of the indicators include high percentage enrollment, choice of language, extended sequence of instruction, standard’s based assessments, yearly staff development and beyond-the-classroom experiences.

   This year for the first time, the Titusville Area School District’s high school world language program qualified for a GLOBE AWARD having met the minimum requirements in all eleven indicators of a quality program. Members of the department include Sharon Miller-Spanish, Julie Van Alstine-Spanish and Sandra Lee Kozlowski-German and French.