THS Alumni

Welcome to the Titusville Alumni Association. We’re glad you’re here! We know you’re proud to be an alumni and want to give back to the community that gave so much during your years at Titusville High School.

Our Goals

Thank you for doing your best to help us accomplish our goals.

Guidance – Encourage alumni to advise students about careers, college, and finding jobs.

Support – Encourage alumni to remember our school and community with their resources of time and money.

Direction – Encourage alumni to share their talents with our school and community.

Revitalization – Encourage alumni to bring and refer business to our community.

Esprit De Corps – Inspire our school and community with the accomplishments of alumni.

Communication – Communicate with all alumni regarding their classmates, school, and community..

Program Contact

Tambra W. Sabatini, Executive Director
Titusville Alumni Association Office
302 East Walnut Street (inside the high school)
Titusville, PA 16354
Phone: (814) 827-2715, ext. 8-1465