Athletics—Go, Rockets!

Participation in athletics is far more than winning and losing games. At Titusville ASD, we inspire our students to learn and develop through our interscholastic sports program. The lessons they learn on the fields and in the gym will remain with them throughout their lives. Go, Rockets!

Hall of Fame

The first induction to the Titusville High School Athletic Hall of Fame took place in 1976. 633 athletes and guests gathered for a weekend of events, which culminated with the induction of twenty members at the dinner held in the high school gymnasium.

We have generally held the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies every five years beginning in 1976 and continuing in 1981, 1986, *1994 (not held in 1991 due to changes in athletics department), *2001 ( not held in 1999 due to the extensive renovations of the high school), 2006, and 2011.

Please read the eligibility requirements to receive this great honor.

Fall Sports

High School
Cross Country, Boys & Girls - Varsity
Football - Varsity & JV
Golf - Varsity & JV
Soccer, Boys & Girls - Varsity & JV
Volleyball, Girls - Varsity & JV

Middle School
Cross Country, Boys & Girls
Football - 7th & 8th
Basketball, Girls - 7th & 8th

Winter Sports

High School
Basketball, Boys - Varsity & JV
Basketball, Girls - Varsity & JV
Swimming, Boys & Girls - Varsity
Wrestling - Varsity & JV

Middle School
Basketball, Boys - 7th & 8th
Wrestling - 7th & 8th

Spring Sports

High School
Baseball, Boys - Varsity & JV
Softball, Girls - Varsity & JV
Tennis - Varsity
Track & Field, Boys & Girls - Varsity

Middle School
Track & Field, Boys & Girls - 7th & 8th
Volleyball, Girls - 7th & 8th

Our Athletics Director

Meet the director of the TASD Athletics Department.
Mr. Scott V. Salvo
Tech Ed Teacher / Athletics Director
Phone: (814) 827-2715, ext. 1443

Mr. Salvo graduated from Union High School and also attended Rimersburg, PA College and California University of PA where he received a BS in Technology Education. He continued on to graduate school at California University and received an MS degree in sports management. Mr. Salvo has been with the district since 1997. He teaches technology education and is the district’s athletics director. He enjoys hunting, coaching football, and spending time at family camp.