Our Community

Our school is part of a supportive community. Explore some of the wonderful things Titusville has to offer, and see what makes it a wonderful place to live!

The Valley that Changed the World

About an hour south of Erie in northwestern Pennsylvania, Titusville is the birthplace of the modern petroleum industry and has been referred to as “The Valley that Changed the World.”

The world’s first successful drilled commercial oil well began producing crude oil August 27, 1859, thanks to Colonel Edwin Drake. This discovery put Titusville on the map and gave rise to several historical figures of the era including investigative journalism pioneer Ida Tarbell and oil field photographer John Mather.

Titusville’s oil heritage also influenced the community’s architecture, with several prominent examples of Victorian design still standing today.

Local Attractions

Drake Well Museum and Park
Tour Drake Well Museum and Park to learn how oil impacts daily life through interactive exhibits. You’ll also enjoy an excursion train ride through the historic area on the Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad.

Ed Myer Complex
Recreational opportunities abound at Titusville City Parks & Recreation’s Ed Myer Complex. It boasts tennis courts, a running track, ball and soccer fields, a beach volleyball pit, a BMX bike course, the Queen City Trail, part of the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail system, Oil Creek State Park, and a splash pad at Burgess Park.

You can also see the field where John Heisman, for whom the trophy awarded to the outstanding college football player of the year is named, played the rugby-style version of the game in the 1880s. A monument credits him with several improvements that led to the modern sport of football.

Oil Creek State Park
The Oil Creek Valley is the cite of the world’s first commercial oil well. Its steep hillsides, deep hollows, and wetlands tell the story of oil wells, towns, and early transportation during the early petroleum industry boom.

Annual Events

Titusville is home to several annual special events:

  • Heart of the Arts (HOTA) folk art and music festival
  • WWII remembrance weekend
  • Holiday at Burgess Christmas light display
  • International fly fishing tournament
  • Boston qualifying marathon
  • Oil Fest