Vape Detectors

TASD is seeing more incidents involving vaping at Titusville Middle School and Titusville High School. It concerns us about the potential impact on our students’ health. Vaping involves inhaling a vapor produced by an electronic vaporizer or e-cigarette, which heats a liquid to generate an aerosol. The vapor can contain nicotine, marijuana oil, or other substances. The vaporized liquid concentrates, often called vape juices, come in many flavors and are often sweet, causing the vapor to smell fruity.

Vaporizers, e-cigarettes, or Juuls come in many different shapes. Common styles look like a thick pen, a tablet stylus, a flash drive, or a small flask with a round chimney. Devices are typically very small and can be hidden. Like cigarettes, stores cannot sell vaping items to people under age 21. However, they are available on the internet, and students may ask older siblings or friends who are over 21 to purchase them. Vaping is often marketed as a safe alternative to cigarettes. However, nicotine is addictive and can harm brain development, which continues until about age 25. There is also a concern that vaping at an early age can lead to smoking.

Vaping and the possession of vaping equipment is a violation of the Titusville Area School District Student Code of Conduct. To assist our efforts in preventing vaping in our schools, the District has purchased and installed vape detectors. We installed these detectors throughout the middle school and high school. If a student chooses to vape in our schools, the detectors will alarm, and students will be referred to the office for consequences. The health and safety of our students remain the District’s top priority.

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