Scholarship Opportunities for TASD Students

Each spring, the Titusville High School counselors share important scholarship information with graduating seniors. The counselors compile available scholarships into a handy booklet for students and families to use as they navigate the costs of post-secondary education. The booklet provides information on scholarships managed by the Titusville Area School District, Titusville Alumni Association, the Crawford Heritage Community Foundation, Bridge Builders Community Foundation, and PNC. There is other information for county-specific scholarships, religious affiliation scholarships, service organizations, and school-specific scholarships. In total, there are 134 scholarships for which students may apply.

This past June, Titusville High School students received over $483,000 in scholarships managed by the District, Titusville Alumni Association, and PNC. Our students also received additional funding from Titusville community service organizations and school-specific scholarships. Without this funding, the cost of higher education could be a deciding factor for many families. The Titusville Area School District is grateful for the financial support provided to our graduating seniors.

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